3 Tips to Properly Store Ammo

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So, you just purchased your first supply of ammunition and now wonder how to properly store ammo. Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind when storing your ammo to ensure that you protect your investment and ammunition reliability.

  1. Avoid extreme heat or temperature fluctuations

    Store in a climate-controlled location to avoid extreme ups and downs in heat and cold. Modern factory manufactured ammunition rounds are designed to function in a wide range of conditions from the tropics to the artic. If you prevent exposure to extreme heat, moisture and temperature changes your ammunition can last for years.

    Do not store in an attic, garage, basement or on the floor as these locations are often susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations or moisture. Powder used to load ammo is a chemical compound and degrades if accelerated by heat. Primers can also corrode around too much moisture.

  2. Keep your ammo in an airtight container

    Ammo storage cans are a good way to store your ammo. These cans are sold in sporting goods stores and are available in both plastic and metal. Look for cans that have a moisture ring on the inside of the can. Plastic cases when loaded up are heavy. When lifted some plastic ammo cans can flex breaking the airtight seal, so you will want to ensure the box is sturdy.

    You can put your boxes right into the ammo can. Cardboard boxes can suck in moisture on warm, humid days. By putting the ammunition boxes directly into the airtight container that helps reduce the possibility for moisture. Keep the lid covered and refrain from keeping it open for extended periods of time.

    One easy trick is to add silica packs inside the ammo can to help absorb moisture. You can purchase the silica packs online. Be sure that the silica pack isn’t in contact with the ammunition because it attracts moisture. If you are using silica packs from former packages that were shipped, be sure to put them in the oven on warm to dry them out first. 

    If you don’t have an ammo box, an easy solution is to store your ammunition in a plastic storage container with an airtight lid.

    Some people even use a food saver to vacuum pack their ammo in smaller rounds. Just be sure to include the box label so you remember the type of ammo you are storing in each vacuum pack. Browse some how to videos online for tips on vacuum sealing your ammo. Ziplock bags can also be used to help reduce moisture.

  3. Store ammo in a safe place

    Practicing good firearm and ammo storage safety is always essential. Keep your ammunition in a safe, dry place out of the reach of children.

There are many ways to ensure your ammunition will last for years. Just keep these 3 tips in mind and soon you will be a pro.

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